About us

Varėna’s district municipality is unique!

Forests with mixed sandy soil are famous of being very fertile. Tall trees and the soft carpet of moss guard the secret of the old forests… delicious wild berries and mushrooms.

This is the reason why Vipreka JSC chose  the town of Varėna for its headquarters. Our company specialized in processing Lithuanian wild forest products – mushrooms and wild berries.

We have been working in this field since 2000, and the experience we have gained allows us to work successfully and to offer our customers the highest quality of services. We are highly competitive and work hard in order to maintain our position in the market of mushroom and wild berries‘ import and export.  We provide our clients top quality mushrooms and wild forest berries which meet all the standard quality requirements. For this reason we are following just a good practice of food industry in our daily operations.

Mushrooms and Forest Berries from the first hands.


Forest goodies

The main business of our company is located in the town of Varėna, Lithuania. Our company purchases, imports and exports wild forest berries and mushrooms.  We have been in this business for many years, and our experience enables us to work successfully and delive high quality service to our clients. The main our aim is to supply top quality wild berries and mushrooms to our clients. We also offer frozen forest products.

Other services

We offer various types of warehousing services in our main warehouse at Geležinkelio 45A, Varėna.

We offer:

  • storage of goods and warehousing services;
  • handling work;
  • refrigerated goods warehousing services with temperature mode;
  • storage of goods without temperature regime.
  • packing / repacking.
  • labeling of goods, marking, assembly, preparation for transportation services.

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Geležinkelio st 45 A, LT-65201 Varėna, Lithuania
Company code 184766080
VAT code LT847660811

Phone +370 310 39000

Mobile phone +370 687 94490

Šiltnamių g. 2 tel. +370 698 00139
Email: vipreka@gmail.com