Venue for events, steam bath, accommodation.

We offer two cozy and comfortable halls for events. Halls are available to rent for corporate events or private functions. We can customize the halls for your events. The capacity of the smaller hall is up to 30 guests, and the larger hall is available for up to 50-60 guests.

If you wish to make your celebration even more special and have a truly wonderful time we can also suggest a separate room with a steam bath and a swimming pool.


All this premises are equipped with an industrial type kitchen.


Also, we offer economy type short and long term accomodation service.

Clean and tidy rooms, space for events and steam bath are at your disposal at the following address: Šiltnamių str. 2, Varėna.

Storage Service

We offer various storage services at the address Geležinkelio 45A, Varėna.

We offer:

  • Storage and safekeeping of goods;
  • Cargo loading;
  • Storage at a special temperature mode;
  • Storage withour a particualr temperature mode;
  • Packaging/Repackaging;
  • Cargo labelling, marking, assembly and preparation for shippment services.